Moving the body at IHF Jakarta Center!

by Marco, Voluntourist, IHF Jakarta

After a short time of adaption I got into a daily routine of preparation and teaching class. The center is supplied with lots of donated books and other teaching material so that it is easy to prepare class according to the needs of the children which are between 6 and 12 years old. Giving a class can be challenging at a time as I don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia and the English skills of the kids aren’t developed enough, yet. But with patience, a smile and an online translation app we always work out a way.

At the end of my second week I gave a dance lesson which was attended by more almost 10 children. I taught a bit of choreography to a popular pop song and only after one hour the kids where ready to perform in front of a spontaneously formed audience that was swept off their feet!

It is really great fun spending time with the children and I am grateful to make this unique experience!

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