Happy Christmas at IHF Chiang Rai!

by Cece, Voluntourist, IHF Chiang Rai

Just before Christmas Day, our children decided to clean the backyard of the center. Their lauchristmasblog1ghter amused me and I was really happy to see them motivating themselves for the benefits of the center and creating a better environment for everybody’s lives here!

I felt so lucky to spend the festive season with everyo  ne in the center as a big family! We decided to celebrate with a big pizza dinner and some Christmas presents shopping for the children (We tried to think of the best presents we can get them within very limited budget and it turned out they enjoyed it!). Even if I have only stayed at the center for just over a week, I felt welcomed that the children came to my classes after a whole day at school, talked and laughed at the dinner table (even though they talked in Thai to each other most of the time), gave me a shy smile when I talked to them and came to consult me with their English homework (One of the girls told me she wanted to be a tourist guide in the future and she is really talented with language studying!). Even though there were some obstacles and hardship, I still felt like home!christmasblog2 (1)

On the day off, I joined a hill trekking tour organized by a local tribe people. They told me they also received help when they were young so that they are able to leave the tribes, stayed in the city and even now, opened their own business or NGOs. Local people’s life is simple but hard on the hills. 12 hours’ tremendous labor work for the whole day only earns them a couple of hundred baht. So they really appreciate the fact that there are so many people from the world that are willing to help.

Yesterday another coordinator came and soon one more will join the team! It is really good news because nothing is more beneficial than a stable, caring and more disciplined environment for the children to grow up within and I’m confident with all of their effort, IHF Chiang Rai will become a better home each and every day!

New Year’s came and I wish them all the best for their future! It’s only five days away till I finish this journey. I will treasure it and keep following the news of IHF and help as much as I can while I’m away from the center. I hope everybody who is reading my blog offer your precious help to the children too.

Thank you in advance and happy New Year to everyone! 🙂christmasblog3

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