Christmas Week in Aceh!

by Timea, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

The Christmas week in Aceh was very special, even though most of our students don’t celebrate this holiday. Despite this, they still have two weeks free from school and most of them took the time to go bacDSC01355k to their villages to be with their families. For the ones who decided to come even during the holidays, we held special classes each day.

Surprisingly, we had quite a lot of students attending these classes and all of them seemed very enthusiastic about not having to learn too much! We had movie afternoons and art classes, where children drew big portraits of each other or made papier-mâché heads to decorate later. Unfortunately, the papier-mâché didn’t survive the last attack of the rainy season (it rained all week!), the humidity wouldn’t let them dry so we couldn’t finish the project. The important thing is however, that the children had a lot of fun working on this, and so did we.


Our new local volunteer, Andi who studied nursing at uniDSC01431versity, held a workshop about personal hygiene for both SD and SMP&SMA students. All of them were very keen to learn how to wash your hands and brush your teeth properly and they enjoyed Andi’s presentation very much. Andi was very resourceful when planning this class, he played some educational videos and everyone had to demonstrate what they have learned at the end of the class. It was a very successful event and Andi promised us that he will prepare more workshops about other important topics.

The nicest thing that we could observe during this week is how well the children from all our classes get along with each other. Almost every day, they would stay behind after classes to play UNO and have fun together regardless of their age. It was truly heartwarming.

We wish you a happy new year from Banda Aceh!DSC01459


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