New year, same problems

by Valeria, Co-Director, IHF Nakuru

New school year in Kenya has started on 5th January with a teacher’s strike, which means one more week of holidays for the children… or even more.

Primary school kids stayed the whole week at the center playing football, volleyball, jumping rope… Most of the Senior boys and girls still went to school to study by themselves without teachers, to review previous year’s materials or read books so they can be prepared for the review examination.


About 288,000 educators in Kenyan public schools refused to come to work. The strike was provoked by the government’s withdrawal of a proposal to increase their salaries by as much as 60 percent. Teachers demand that their basic wages should be at least doubled. The government’s reply to the strike was to increases the annual wage bill for teachers to only 10 percent of the budget.

Next week teachers are expected to finish with their silent action and go out to the streets as some of them have already done in Nairobi. On Monday morning we will see if it is another week of holidays or a new beginning.



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