The kids also take care of IHF Bali center!

By Jing T, Work-study volunteer, IHF Bali


Picture this, kids running and jumping around, carrying plastic bags, brooms, dustpans, and butterfly nets, with light-hearted singing and cheering in air; what’s going on? Don’t freak out. They are NOT ganging up to turn the house upside down; taking a closer look, instead, you’ll find them up to something really nice: house-cleaning.

At Bali center, we have our own garden and fishpond, and during the rainy season now, they get messy and muddy easily. A pain in the eye and damp in spirit, it needs to be fixed somehow, to be restored to its usual beauty and tidiness. With that in mind, a special cleaning project was set up, for everyone to do one’s own part to help care for our beloved home.

After nearly one hour of sweating, the kids were rewarded for their good work with an invigorating swim in the pool, all excited and without any trace of exhaustion. Well done, kids!



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