Travelling, helping and learning

By Pauline H, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

I enjoy traveling to different places and experience the local culture. When my friend told me the opportunity of being a volunteer in IHF center, I decided that I would not only travel to see the difference, but also travel to make a difference this time. Apparently, it would be a life-changing experience and after staying for a week, I am so glad that I made the right choice.

Bali has amazing natural environmeCIMG3188nt and Bali center locates at a very friendly neighborhood near the sea where everyone sends warm welcome and greetings to us new comers. What impressed me most on my first day here was that children were so excited and energetic that they tried using simple English they had learnt to talk with me, even before I got the chance to introduce myself.


Though I have been staying for only a week so far, these lovely kids have taught me a very important lesson: a contented mind is a perpetual feast. Joy and happiness spread across our center every single day because of these children. It is my great honor to be their ‘kak’ (this is how local children call their teachers), to witness their growing desire to knowledge and their grateful heart to the sponsors and donors.
There is so much for me to take in everyday, which is totally beyond my expectation. And the radiant smiles on those children’s faces make all my efforts paid off. You know wait, I can’t wait to learn and grow with them in the following days now!



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