Everything ready for Pass it On!

by Aditi, Co-Director, IHF Medan

It was an eventful week at the center. We had UNNC volunteers complete their two weeks of stay. Midterm exams for all the classes were also held during the week. Finally the wee20150120_124523k culminated with Pass it On ceremony, which was held to recognize all the rank holders and to encourage and appreciate the effort of all the children.

All the children were busy writing their exams the entire week. Teachers along with the help of the UNNC volunteers ensured that the exams went on smoothly. After the completion of the exams, papers were graded by the respective class teachers 20150122_170459and a list of rank holders for all the classes was prepared. Certificates for these children were printed. Prizes for the rank holders and gifts for all the children were also bought in preparation of the ceremony. Snacks & refreshments were arranged for the ceremony too. Then it came the wrapping of gifts and prizes for the children. UNNC volunteers took charge of this and they also made posters for the ceremony.

UNNC volunteers left after the completion of their two week long stay in Medan. They contributed in the center activities and helped children learn a new language. The Chinese lessons were a hit with the children and they looked forward to classes every day. They built a good rapport with everyone at the center and we enjoyed their stay. With heavy hearts we bid goodbye to each other hoping to meet again.


Pass it On ceremony was held on 24th January. Ceremony began at 8 in the evening. There was an air of excitement amongst children and teachers. The center was filled with sounds of laughter and sights of children playing around. Games were organized for the children where they were asked questions related to several fields to test their knowledge. Several rounds were held and the winners were awarded prizes. After this, certificates and awards were handed over to rank holders of all the classes followed by snacks and refreshments. The ceremony was carried out smoothly and every person contributed in its success.



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