One week at IHF Banda Aceh

by Kai-Kai and Stina, Voluntourist, IHF Banda Aceh

The first day I arrived Banda Aceh was Saturday and I reached the IHF centre in the afternoon. There were many children in the centre and they were quite cute. We played football in the garden they were very excited. This was really a memorable experience for me.

On Monday, we watched how the teachers taught English to the children. The form of the class is very interesting and we learned some teaching skills. IACEH 2n the evening, we went to the shopping mall. We tried the local food such as coconuts, and experienced a quite different shopping experience in the local supermarket.

On Tuesday, we made some posters using oil pastels, this is really an interesting task and it was very fun.
On Wednesday, we had a very interesting art class. First, we painted pictures on papers as examples and then we used these pictures to show children how to paint. Then children painted by themselves and we gave them some help.

On Thursday, we started to teach the children. We taught aACEH3djectives and adverbs to the children with the co-director in the centre. It is the first time for us to teach children and it was a very memorable experience. In the evening, we went out to buy some durians. On the way, we saw a rainbow in the sky and it was very beautiful. We bought a durian on the street and the shopkeeper was a really funny man.

On Sunday evening, we had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner. It was a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. The local volunteers joined us and we all liked the food cooked by Emily, a co-director here.


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