Let love pass it on!

by Tianyi, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

I am a two-week volunteer in IHF Bali center and this is my fist time volunteering abroad. When I arrived at the center, I was shocked by the wonderful natural view and the sea. After three days, I had my first class at the center with other volunteers. Kids here are all full of passion and willing to acquire knowledge. Although we were tired after class, we felt successful due to the knowledge and love we passed to the kids.


There was a mid-term exam this week and all the kids tried their best to answr the paper, even the most difficult questions. Everyone knew that “no cheating” is the most important things in the exam. During the exam, some words were new for them, so we translated it into Indonesian and told them. As a foreigner, I learned some simple Indonesian words.


Despite the fact that I am a teacher here, the kids taught me a lot during these two weeks. I learned about the traditional ceremonies, what local people would eat and what they would do during the ceremony. In addition, I learnt the students full Indonesian names which are super long and amazing! I felt like I was a native Balinese in these two weeks, respecting their culture and getting used to the environment. If I have a chance, back home I would like to tell my friends about this experience and recommend them to do something like this, let love to pass it on and bring happiness these wonderful kids!bali8


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