Stunning Aceh!

by Chloe,  Voluntourist, IHF Banda Aceh

My first impressions of Banda Aceh were of the beautiful countryside from the side of a Becak and in the 2 weeks that I’ve been here I’ve been lucky enough to explore more and   more of aceh1this unique and stunning place.

We took a motorbike tour of the city with some lovely local volunteers from the centre, hitting up all the classic tourist spots including the tsunami museum and a traditional Acehnese house. Afterwards we stopped to try an Indonesian drink filled with many strange un-identifiable ingredients. It was definitely interesting! But I probably won’t be buying another anytime soon.

Later that daythis not so innocent monkey tried to steal my i-pod when I took his picture. Don’t trust cute-looking monkeys in Aceh!!!


This week I marked one of my biggest achievements yet, managing to successfully teach an English class to some mischievous 8 year olds! Sadly it also marks an embarrassingly low point in my life; being repeatedly crushed in Connect 4 for an hour by an adorable 10 year old girl who after a certain point was trying her best to let me win. We also had the end of semester exams so the centre has been crazy busy! Although if the children’s’ skill at Connect 4 is anything to go by they’ve aced them all.

We ended the week with pizza and a bonfire at the beach!



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