After exams… Pass it On!

by Shanshan and Eric, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

We were so lucky to start our volunteering at IHF Bali with the Pass It On Ceremony; a party for the kids to reward their efforts after the Midterm Exams. The ceremony was divided into three parts. At the beginning, we played some games with the children such as Blind Test, Unlock the Circle and the Scarf Game which was really fun and exciting!2015-01-26 13.29.4820150126_132028

After the games, we had the ceremony to reward the students who performed outstanding in the Midterm examination. The children were very nervious because all of them wanted to get the Top Students Prizes. Anyways, we were so proud of every one, because even those who didn’t get the best grades of the class did a very good job. Before going home we finish the ceremony with some snacks and drinks


Even though it always rained this week, most of the children still attended the class on time. On Saturday, as we were a lot of volunteers from China at IHF Bali Center we decided to organize a Chinese Day with the kids. We put the attendance sheet five days before the Special Project and promoted it at the end of every class. On Saturday, even if the weather was not good, there were still many students here. Firstly, Yang, Yilin and Jing taught them some Chinese useful expressions. Secondly, we showed the kids how to make Chinese traditional boats with colorful origami papers. At last, we danced with them a Chinese popular song called You Are My Little Apple.


As the lyrics in the song, these kids are “my little apples and I cannot love them more!”.



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