Celebrating the Pass it On Ceremony!

by Chloe, Voluntourist, IHF Banda Aceh

On Sunday we had the Pass It On ceremony where all the children and their families came to celebrate finishing their exams, those who did the best in their exams won special prizes and everyone else played games and ate cake! It was a lot of fun.111

The children ha11d sack and three legged races as well as playing a game of ‘eat the Krupuk’ which was extremely entertaining. It’s a pretty self-explanatory game.

I celebrated my birthday this week and am hugely thankful that it was not a traditional Indonesian affair with eggs and flour being thrown at me!

I have also discovered Roti Bakar this week, a traditional Indonesian street food with bread, cheese, condensed milk and a LOT of butter which I now love and has completely made up for all the spicy food my English taste buds are not used to.

1111 111111





On Saturday we drove out to the jungle and I got to ride an elephant! They were cute but a lot bigger in person. The tours were run by a small conservation group who rescue the elephants from ivory poachers. It was very exciting but a little bit scary; I have learnt that an elephant is a lot less stable than a horse and a lot more prone to stopping mid trek for a snack on some bushes.



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