Pass it On Ceremony at IHF Jakarta!

by Zoe, Co-Director, IHF Jakarta

After a week of hard work for both teachers and students, having the Midterm tests at the IHF Jakarta center, the Pass it On ceremony felt like a big reward for everybody.jjjjjjjjjjj

On that day, our best students were recognized and given certificates and special presents. At the same time the efforts of all the students in general were rewarded not only with little gifts bujjjjt also with one of the most fun days of the school year.

Four different activities were taking place, at the same time, in four different rooms of the center. In the one class the kids were playing ‘musical chairs’. We all got to dance and sing along to the sounds of popular English and Indonesian songs. In the living room, we played the ‘Monkey’ game. Everybody had to work together in order to get as many plastic monkeys off the floor, with the help of many ropes attached to each other. In another class, the kids had to solve big ‘Human Knots’ by untangling their holding hands. Finally, in the garden we played with colorful balloons, filled with water. It was another hot day in Jakarta so everybody was looking forward to that game!




In the end, we all gathered together, sat on the floor next to each other and enjoyed the delicious snacks that Ibu prepared for us.



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