Some exercise after teaching in Bali!

by Yang, Work-study, IHF Bali

This week Yilin and I thought we should try another way to help children remember new words since some kids had told us that they had problems in doing so.

Therefore, Yilin tried to draw the animals, which they were going to learn on the whiteboard and I imitated the sounds Students in SD3 Pear were all interested in drawing and they finished their versions in less than 15 minutes! This one was done by Haruka, a lovely girl from the class.


We Marveled at their skills of drawing pictures and were very glad that they could finally memorize these new words!

On Wednesday, two former students came by and Helene taught them some French words. One of them who now works in Kuta told us that she thinks her ability to speak English is crucial for her career and that she learned a lot at IHF Bali. It’s such an encouragement to all of us because sometimes we are not sure about how much knowledge our students are really getting and whether our teaching is helpful to them. One of the reasons why I like IHF is that it always reminds me that only knowledge cannot be taken away!

Besides, there are more and more kids coming to the center. For example in SD6 we have more than 20 students who come here regularly. We are delighted every time Esther tells us that we have new students!


For us, they are not only our students but also our friends and teachers. They invite us to go fishing and teach us Indonesian and local customs. Actually we learn much from these lovely children.

On Saturday, we held a special project called “Sports Day” in order to encourage children to do exercise and build up their team spirit. Esther and Eric played football with some kids while Helene took part in the badminton game. It was an exhausting day, but very fun!BBBB

It’s the last week for Yilin and I and I can’t express how grateful we are to the kids and fellow volunteers. With students, I don’t feel lonely in this foreign land and with the help of other volunteers; I am gradually able to deal with my international and local work. This has been such a wonderful experience to me and I will never forget it!


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