UNO: Top game at IHF Banda Aceh

by Emily, Co-Director, IHF Banda Aceh

It’s been a weeMedia Repok of distractions here at the IHF Banda Aceh center. Following exams, our students are more interested in correcting their mistakes than learning new material, slightly stalling classes. Despite the slow pace, however, it is very encouraging to see them so dedicated to their English and we are happy to help them understand the material better.

Furthermore, our wonderful voluntourist Chloe has returned to her studies in Australia. Everyone was very sad to see her go, especially our SMA and SMP students who thoroughly enjoyed her British accent. They have collectively decided to continue saying ‘table’ in a British accent, as a way to remember Chloe’s contributions.

We had a huge and rousing game of Uno this weMedia Report 3ek with students and local volunteers. While that may sound a bit trite, it was anything but. The level of competitiveness between the players was Super Bowl/World Cup status, with everyone jockeying for technical fouls and insisting that they threw their card down first. It proved to be an excellent bonding experience between us co-directors, our lovely local volunteers, and students from a variety of classes–a reminder of why life here is so special. Even these little moments can be so meaningful!

Media Report 2


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