Riding to the border…why not?

By Laura, Co-Director, IHF Chiang Rai

Last week we had to go to Mae Sai to visit another NGO. The city, holding the gate to Myanmar, is not too far from Chiang Rai so we decided to go by scooter… I was driving and Ushmi perched at the back. Perhaps not one of our wisest decisions…

I have been driving for 10 years, made so many trips, but always by car and in European roads. I’m sure I will never forget this trip, Thai roads and their drivers, where the leitmotif seems to be “Why not?”



We started our trip and just at the exit of Chiang Rai there is a sign that says “Mae Sai 29km”. Closer than we thought, let’s go! And the “Why not?” started…

If you are driving on a highway and you need to stop, why not just stop? If you are walking and you need to cross, why not just cross? If you want to go to a place that you have already past, why not just turn around and go in the opposite direction? Mae Sai is 60 km from Chiang Rai, but let’s say is only 29km, why not? I was really scared and alert all the way. We even almost drove into Myanmar… why not?

But I have to say that it was very funny and when we were back to Chiang Rai safe, we laughed for half an hour…why not?



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