Love Life

by Esther, Co-Director, IHF Bali

The rainy season arrived to Bali, and slowly the Balinese colorful and sunny days vanished. At the beginning a little bit of sadness invaded IHF Bali: no more outdoor games with the children and trips; just a quickly drive to the grocery store would turn into a shower, as it has been raining almost every day.

However wephoto 1 (1) adapted ourselves easily to this new season and as soon as possible we were taking advantage of it. Rain is just water and water is life. We wanted to use all this water that the clouds were discharging to our small island so we decided to plant an organic garden at the center.

Teaching the kids how simple is creating life from a small seed, and how to take care of our little plants was very interesting and satisficing. But the most rewarding thing was seeing the kids’ smiles when they saw that only one week after planting the seeds their little zucchini were already grown, much bigger than the tomatoes, carrots and melons.

But it wasn’t only the love for nature that we wanted to transmit to the kids, also the love to their families, friends and of course teachers! As Valentine’s Day was approaching we created a Lovebox at IHF Bali where everybody could leave a message to those people who love. A lot of adorable messages full the box in just a few days.


On Valentine’s Day we open the Lovebox with the kids and even if there were no gifts, no flowers and no chocolate for anyone, all of us were very happy to receive those drawings and words of appreciation from our friends, students and volunteers. I could say it was the best gift for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!



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