We will miss you Anggara!

by Emily, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

Last week, classes at the center finally returned tMedia Repor 1o normal. The week after exams was a bit hectic, as the students were not motivated to begin with new materials. We also spent quite a bit of time going over exams and correcting mistakes. With all this behind us, however, the students were finally ready to hit the books and learn something new.

We also said a temporary goodbye to one of our local volunteers, Anggara, who was invited to participate in an exchange program for young leaders for 2 weeks in Japan. His students demanded a lot of gifts upon his return, ranging from keychains to sports cars–the latter type of gifts Angarra will be delivering in the form of illustrations. It will be his first experience in a cold climate, and so we helped him prepare suitable attire and the event quickly evolved into a winter clothes fashion show. We can’t wait for him to come back and tell us all about his experience.

Media Repor 4

We had a lovely bonding session with local volunteers and some of our SMA students on the beach. Tari, one of our math teachers, taught us how to make gado-gado, an Indonesian salad with peanut sauce. She was even kind enough to make me a separate dressing, as I’m allergic to peanuts. Then, a big group took the meal to the beach and ate under the stars. We spent hours talking in English and Indonesian, comparing our different cultures and enjoying the astounding scenery Banda Aceh offers.Media Repor 3Media Repor 2


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