Once upon a time

by Aditi, Co-Director, IHF Medan

After an extremely busy period filled with activities, exam, visits and workshop, we had a relatively quiet week at the center. Classes have been running usually and the attendance is back to normal.


At the center, we try and use new methods for teaching children. This is done with the objective of making the children learn better as well as to make learning fun.

One such session was done using story books for teaching vocabulary and for language development to children of class SD 2 on the topic family. Children were given story books to read through which had stories related to the topic of discussion- family. It was heartening to see children read, learn and enjoy the session. Som20150212_162813e went through the books individually, some enjoyed reading in pairs and groups. After they finished reading, the children had to discuss the story amongst them. They had happy, excited and animated expressions while discussing the story and used the basic vocabulary that we wanted them to learn.

This was an interesting session where children enjoyed and learnt well at the same time and we were proud that we made learning fun!


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