Working hard for a better place

by Julie, Executive Director, IHF Nakuru

After a lovely holiday this week I was back to the centre and the most fantastic surprise. The children and Directors have worked so hard and completed all of the works needed for our public health inspection. The place looks so smart! We have new showers, beds, bedding, mosquito nets, shnew beds etcoe racks and storage in the dorms. The floors have all been properly sealed and painted with red oxide and new sinks and running water installed to promote hand-washing. The outdoor latrine has been completed and is very swish with tiling throughout and a tank for hand-washing just next to it.

The kitchen has been finished and new plates, cups and spoons purchased. The children can now all sit together as a proper family and not have to eat out of communal bowls in their dorms. We had our first family dinner together in thnew outdoor kitchene new dining room and the kids obviously love it. There was a lot of chatter and like a proper family meal a great deal of exchanging of views and gossip.

The public health inspection day dawned on Friday and to keep us on our toes the inspector arrived an hour earlier than expected. This was fine as the Directors and children had been up to 11pm the night before tidying, fixing nets, and making the place spick and span for the inspection. The inspector was a local lady and she told me that every day for the last year she has driven past the centre to work and so has witnessed how hard we have been working on the improvements. She seemed very impressed and was really happy with all the new facilities for the children. We admitted that we have not had time to paint everywhere yet but she was understanding and knew this was next on our agenda. Finally she left stating she would give us a very positive report – phew!Resuming the football

After all that work we all took the weekend off to return to our passion of playing and watching football. Kiptoo got the best spectator position up a tree. He invited me to join him but I gracefully declined….

Kiptoo up a tree


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