Dinner with the best company!

by Laura, Co-Director, IHF Chiang Rai

Last week we received at the center a lovely visit. Two Thai friends came to cook dinner to treat the kids, and us…

Early in the afternoon Ushmi and our friend Ari went to buy everything needed for the feast: chicken, pork, fish, all kind on vegetables and fruits. We have no idea of cooking, so we left the experts doing the hard work. Ari and the kids start peeling, cutting, chopping all the ingredients, seasoning the meat and cooking all the appetizing courses.

Nupon and Sukanya prepared our handmade barbeque at the garden and named themselves the ones in charge of the fish, which was delicious. Our other friend, Mee, arrived with ice-cream and sodas. The unable-to-cook set the table and everything was ready.11051523_1633827060174728_1076487494_n

Lab Hed (Mushrooms Spicy Salad), Moo tod Prik thai Dum (Pork with Garlic and Pepper) and Tom Yum Kai (chicken spicy soup) were the main dishes. Yummy!  The cooks were so great that they even prepare special food for our likes, vegetarian for Ushmi, no spicy for me…

The dinner was really funny, all of them speaking in Thai, we trying to understand what they were saying and to repeat the things they taught us, the kids laughing at the jokes our friends made…we even have a little concert when Mee took the guitar and started singing their favourite songs.


Now, we are just willing to repeat a dinner like this one!


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