Sahat: New Co-Director at IHF Medan Center

by Sahat, Co-Director, IHF Medan

As the new Co-director at IHF Medan center, I am so glad and feel interesting when I was teaching in the Penguin class for grade SMP on every Monday and Wednesday. The class has been running as usual and we had a great introducing between me and the students. We loved to know each other and it was a great time for us as well!

The method for the teaching was trying to increase the students’ intrinsic motivation to learn more about English. We had a nice game it called “Head and Tail” which is the students sat in groups that consists of 4 to 5 students and they tried to worked in a team by finding some new vocabularies. Each group which could not give the right answer they would get less point. So, they were very eager and compete to one another group in order to get more points for their own group.SD 3 in group work

For the math class of SD 3, they made such a fun math for drawing activities about making geometry in cartoon papers. They did it in group works, they enjoyed it very much because it made them mSD 3ore understand of their lesson teacher was guided them and help in every group which is need it!

In every class, it is very expected for the teachers to create and make the classroom situation being live and fun of learning. Moreover, as the function of the teacher is just to encourage the students’ to have more awareness to be independent learners. By doing so, the students will have a good awareness to motivate and courage the ways of their leaning for themselves.

Finally, we had a really nice moment in the class during the teaching learning process; I was really so heart beating to see them especially when they enjoyed for the game and we have been successfully and proudly to make the environment of the classroom more fun and happy!


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