Ice skating for Ade and Rahma’s birthday!

by Ade, Co-Director, IHF Jakarta

In the early Sunday morning, Arnau, Ayu, Ade and Rahma prepared to go ice skating. This was not our first time practicing this sport, but our third or fourth. However, Dania, our local volunteer teacher who decided to come with us had never try ice skating before. We called a taxi to go all together and arrived to Mal Taman Anggrek around 08.30 AM. It was really surprising to see most of the shops in the Mal closed as it was very early.2015-03-15 09.38.052015-03-15 09.39.06

We also invited Dita to do Ice Skating. She was one of our great local volunteer in Jakarta center. We were so happy because at the end she could join. Actually, this plan was actually the idea of Arnau to celebrate Rahma and Ade’s birthday. In the Ice Skating rink all of us were falling again and again but we were happy because we were getting better and better. Doubtless Rahma was the best among us, she was very good at it. We also took a lot of nice photos to remember this amazing day!2015-03-15 09.26.292015-03-15 10.48.12

After we finished ice skating we didn’t want to go home, so we walked around the Mal and found a good place to sit together. In the small café, we ordered some nice drinks, talked each other about activities at IHF Jakarta Center and played some games about the countries in the world. It was a really great day. We will never forget it and I hope we can do it again next time.

Happy Birthday Rahma and Ade! Wish you all the best! 😀

2015-03-15 11.21.10


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