New faces at IHF Nakuru Center!

by Martina, Voluntourist, IHF Nakuru

First week as a volunteer at IHF Nakuru Center:

The Children were so excited about my arrival; they were all kindly introducing themselves and (I’m not sure why) girls thought that my name was funny!image (3)

They though that my Italian name is not enough and that I should start thinking about an English name!! Just after I figured out that they all have double names, the original one given by the family and the English one.

I got introduced to so many of them, that after one week I couldn’t really remember all their names!! It was quite challenging!!


image (1)

This week I had to help the kids to write letters to their sponsors, and I was surprised how all they are really grateful to them. Apparently having sponsors supporting them is really important, because by this way they get monthly donations from them and even in special occasions such as birthdays they receive special donations. The kids were really happy to receive these donations so they could buy the school stuff that they need, or even visit their families.

Now is the dry season, it means that it hasn’t been raining since December, but the kids are happy anyway! I still haven’t seen any of them crying or being upset.image (2)

I’m starting to believe that I will have to learn a lot from these kids!!!


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