Do not break the rules!

by Aditi, Co-Director, IHF Medan

Last week, we prepared a list of things that we need to focus on for better functioning of our centre. Discipline, our library, recruitment drive and starting Aflatoun classes at the center were the priority issues that we discussed.
Earlier, we had made posters with class rules for all the classes. The posters had become old and the children continued with their mischief. So, we decided to place new posters and explain class rules to children again. Teachers made nClass rulesew posters and thesclass rules 1e were put in the areas where classes are held so that the children could see them without any difficulty. We also set down rules for the use of our library so that children and teachers can make best use of the resources available. We are also excited about starting Aflatoun classes for students at the center.
We also welcomed our new Co-Director; Sahat at the center. Sahat has previously associated with IHF Medan as a local volunteer. We are a team of 3 Co-directors now and we look forward to making good use of our skills and organising various activities at the center.

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