Nasi Goreng!!!!

By Carlos, Work-Study, IHF Bali

I arrived to Bali Center almost one month ago very nervous and excited about this new experience that I was facing. It was my first time out of Europe so everything seemed new to me.

I wanted to enjoy this experience as much as possible, meeting Indonesian people and culture, learning Indonesian language and trying the delicious Indonesian food. That’s why I started asking to some of the volunteers who speak the language how to say the things in Indonesian. Of course, the most important word in all languages is thank you, so the first word my partners told me was “nasi goreng” which means thank you, or that’s what I thought.

My second day in Bali we all went together to have lunch in a restaurant, when the waiter brought my drink, I told him “nasi goreng”, to be as much polite as possible and he look at me confused and I repeated “nasi goreng” in case he didn’t hear my thank you.

After 30 minutes the samP1080416e waiter came to our table with a plate of fried rice for me I couldn’t understand what was happening but the rest of the volunteers were laughing so much. I didn’t understand the situation, why did he bring me fried rice? I wasn’t really hungry. When my friends couldn’t stop laughing they explained to me that Nasi Goreng, is a typical Indonesian dish basically made by fried rice mix with vegetables and eggs, actually the right word to say thanks in Indonesian is “terima kasih”.

It was a little joke for the noob, which turned into a really funny day and at the same time that I tasted some typical Indonesian food I learnt my two first Indonesian words easily, I will never forget them!! Nasi Goreng for this unforgettable day!!


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