Cleaning to Educate!

by Sahat, Co-Director, IHF Medan

Last week, we had a great idea to clean the center with all the volunteers. IHF Medan Center is quite big and large. In front of the center there is a big tree and some bamboos so the leavesCleaning a ditch of those trees always fall and make the land become filthy. Even the IHF board has been hiding by the branches of the trees and the fill in of a ditch.

In our center we have many students from different levels; starting from SD 1, around 5 years old until Seniors. We are trying to educate them to not throw the rubbish on the floor. We are also trying not only to educate the students in knowledge and English but also in discipline for a better life. We believe that teaching is sharing and showing the teachers knowledge, however the most important thing is how to give a moral lesson to the children and have them in high moral standard.

Cutting some branches of tree
Now on, we, as co-directors at IHF Medan Center (Aditi, Lissa, Sahat) hope to give the best of us and the totality of our effort to the center.pamphlet of IHF board


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