Moving from Jakarta to Medan Center

Recently I found out that I will be leaving Jakarta center soon, as I am moving to Medan IHF center. My feelings are mixed about this right now. Although I have always wanted to visit Sumatra one day, I am feeling sad that I have to leave behind Jakarta. This is not so much because of the city but because of all the wonderful people, friends and students, that the long distance is going to separate me from.

I will really miss everyone here. First of all, Christina, as we arrived at the center together and we haven’t been separated ever since, not even on our weekends! I will miss having fun with the children of the house, Ayu, Ade and Rahma. Especially Rahma and the secret girly talks, games and yoga practice we had together! I will miss Ibu, her wonderful Indonesian cooking and her daughter Ica with that sweet little rounded face of hers! The local volunteers of the center, the warmhearted ‘Hellos’ from our neighbors and most of all, I will miss all my lovely students! I wish that you will give and receive the same or even more love and knowledge from your next teacher.

Thank you all so much for giving and sharing with me so many unique moments and experiences! I will always have the sweetest memories of all of you`:)

By Zoe


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