The survivor chickens

We have an hennery at Chiang Rai center, and around one month ago I had a thought “If we have a hennery, we should have eggs”. We went to the chicken coop and yes, there was 13 little eggs waiting for us. We took 12, leaving one so the hen wouldn’t be traumatized for losing all of them and continue putting eggs.

We were very happy and excited “Great, now we have a real farm!”… “Let’s make an omelet!” …”No, I want scrambled eggs”… The omelet won and we used 4 of them, keeping the rest at the fridge. It was delicious!

When the kids came back from the school, we couldn’t wait to tell them the good news. “Hey, come to see, we have eggs” We were very proud of our discover…until we saw Nupon’s face. We understood that we had done something really bad.

“No, no good, chicken inside!” We couldn’t believe him. He explained us that when the egg are small like those, it means that there is a chicken inside, and more important, he reminded us that we had a rooster walking around, and certainly fertilized the eggs.

At this point you should know that Ushmi, one of the directors, is vegetarian. She got very sick and guilty, the rest of us just a bit guilty (the omelet was very delicious…) So, we took the rest of the eggs, now  8, from the fridge, and put them back at the nest of the hennery, hopping they would be able to born.

photoimage (1)

We waited, and waited. One month later, almost forgotten the chicken’s situation, we started hearing the “tweet-tweet” so went to the chicken coop and saw, for our relief that 6 of them were born…how happy we were. Especially Ushmi, that before was really worried about the karma.

Now we have 6 beautiful little chickens walking around the center with their loving mother taking care of them. It’s true that only half of them made it, and that the ones that stayed at the fridge for a couple of hours have a different color from the one that stayed at the nest…but they are alive and all of them are survivors!

By Laura, Co-director Chiang Rai center.


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