Began with a little seed

by Xie, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

It’s really hard to describe how this trip began, but what I can tell for sure is that after two weeks, there is no way to stop me from missing this incredible place even I’m just about to leave.


It’s a quite straight forward thing that in such pure scenery, all the people here share the same characteristics, kind and optimistic. Children here are so lovely and curious about anything around them.They are born to become amazing people and to be the future of this fascinating island.

Last week, we organized a special activity for children based on environmental education. We hold a special lesson in Indonesian about the importance of recycling plastic garbage and what it means to environment, comparing the life-cycle of the different materials when they are thrown into the sea. We did a small group competition dividing the differents type of garbage that it could be found at the beach next to the center, as there are tons of garbage arriving everyday to the beach. Even if it was so hot and all of us were sweating at the beach the kids were very excited to pick up as much rubbish as they could.


Even for children in such age, they cannot fully understand the meaning of the importance about taking care of the planet, I’m sure that the seeds of protecting the environment are already planted in their little heads. They will become towering trees in the future, that’s the why education is one of the basics in every country.

If you are interested in helping people, especially kids, if you would love a pure natural world, if you are willing to share your future with these ‘seeds’. You should share your life with IHF Bali.



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