Discovering Mount Sinabung

By Evgenia, Work-study, IHF Medan

I arrived in Medan center three days ago, after a very long flight!! The sun was shining and I was so happy that I had finally arrived!! I was so excited, waiting to meet new friends and have great experiences!

The first day I was just sleeping, but the next day, Zoe and me  decided to go for a trip to the volcano Sinabung! So, we woke up –I have to admit not too early- we got a becak (wow!!) and we went to the bus station. After a two hour trip into the jungle we arrived nearly to the top of the mountain, where we had to get another mini bus heading to the volcano! Unfortunately, it was already too late and there were no further buses travelling in this direction…

So we decided to stay there, buy some souvenirs in the local market and eat boiled corn and drink sugar cane juice!! It was absolutely great!! The market was so big and full of local fruits and traditional clothes!! Everybody seemed excited to meet us, as we look so different from them (maybe we DSCN5784look like aliens and we don‘t know it yet) and they wanted to take pictures of us!! I had never thought that there is a place, that I would be so famous!!

Anyway, at 6 pm we decided to go back and the real adventure began… Every mini bus was so full, there were no seats left and the people were climbing on the roof. I was like “oh my god I can’t go in there”! But I had to! So we had to decide if we wanted to travel sitting on the roof with 15 persons (who were already up there) or crouching (because the mini bus was too low) inside the mini bus. It was a difficult decision I can say, but we decided to travel inside because it was raining!!

Unfortunately we were not alone. Close to a panic attack, Zoe and I noticed that there was a cockroach on the head of the woman who was sitting next to us. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture of this, because I couldn’t move!! I had to convince myself that everything was under control and I could still call my mama to save me if I needed to (hahahahaha!!)


After this looooong and crazy trip, we got another mini bus, hoping to go home finally! However, the night was long. Suddenly we heard a big boom and the bus broke down! We were in the middle of nowhere and we were forced to walk and pray a taxi would save us! In the end technology saved us!! We called a local friend, who was able to order us taxi and we finally arrived home! I have never wanted my bed so much!!!

It was for sure one of the most exciting experiences of my life, it was so tiring and fun at the same time!! Finally I live my life to the fullest!!


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