49 weeks left

After telling my family and friends that I was going to Indonesia for a year, most of the time, people were either surprised or shocked. “A year! That’s such long time, how do you prepare yourself for that?!” I kept saying that a year isn’t that long, and it will probably fly by really quickly… And here we are, already three weeks passed and ‘only’ 49 until finish this project.

On March 30th I left Amsterdam, for a dream job in Jakarta, working for a NGO where among other responsibilities I will be teaching as well. Before my departure, my thoughts consisted of: ‘How am I going to cope with the climate? What kind of people will I work with? Who am I going to live with?  How many cockroaches will I have to fight in the bathroom with?’

But once I arrived, all these questions disappeared. Well… except about cockroaches! There have been some incidents… always keeping our guard up!.

Living and working at Jakarta’s center, has been really nice, collaborating with other co-directors and teaching the kids. There is a great atmosphere in our center, that makes the life easier.  I teach three different levels and all of them have some challenges but are very charming at the same time. Of course, during my first three lessons I was nervous, but after one or two classes you get used to it and all those uncomfortable feelings just disappear and now I’m enjoying teaching a lot. All my students are very smart, curious and super cute.

My only trouble is that the time goes by really quickly. Three weeks passed and I am already feeling the weeks slipping through my fingers.  It ssounds pretty dramatic, I know. I still have 49 wonderful weeks left, that will bring loads of fun lessons, trips, laughter, coconut cake filled with syrup, mosquito bites and cockroaches, and I am going to enjoy every single moment.



Co-Director Jakarta Center



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