Aflatoun Classes at IHF Medan

by Sahat, Co-Director, IHF Medan

This week we have been starting our Aflatoun classes aAflatoun singing and dancing activityt IHF Medan center. The classes ranged from SD1 until Senior levels. The classes were organized by all the local teachers, who organized the activities according to the Aflatoun handbook.

At the beginning of the class, we introduced them about what is the meaning of Aflatoun. Actually, we are expanding our workshop since last February with the objective of training children on social and financial issues.

Then, we continued the activity by asking the students to make the symbol of IHF copying the one on the hand book we have. We provided the kids some pieces of paper so they could put their hands over it and draw the silhouettes of their own hands. To make it more interesting to the students we colored the pictures with the same colors as IHF symbol: blue, orange and red.Drawing class

We had such a great day; the kids enjoyed a lot the class. The teachers also made the students singing and dancing. We believe that the most important thing is always to make fun the classes so the students enjoy it and come always motivated to the center.

All of us, Co-Directors at IHF Medan will always try our best to make this possible.

Art class


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