Time to start fundraising!

This week in Chiang Rai has been rather exciting for IHF,
as we are planning a fundraising event at a local restaurant called Northai. This event will include a trivia night, crafts and paintings by the children and of course, food and drinks. We are currently in the midst of creating advertisements and getting all the nitty-gritty work done! We’ve had countless hours going back and forth with ideas and how to approach this event. We have met with the owners of Northai and they are so generous and caring! They offered us free options so IHF can get more profit! We also tried the food at Northai and it was incredible and now we can’t wait to get this event going! By next week, we are hoping to start making crafts with the children; which will be so much fun as we are using things around the centre as our materials. This is a good way for us to also tidy our garden. I can’t wait to see what the children make because our children here are so bright and creative. Yesterday, they were cutting each other’s hair and they did an amazing job with it. This of course led to one of our lovely co-director getting a free haircut.
By Beatrix Setiawan Chiang Rai, Thailand
Northai 1


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