My first responsible task: Sponsor Letters

by Marcel, Co-Director, IHF Nakuru

My fourth week started and I was given my first responIMG_1742sible task: Sponsor Letters. Get 60 kids, box of colored pencils, pad of paper and try to get 200 letters out of it, all addressed to the right sponsors. Quite a task, “you can be done in 4 days if you are well organized” (Julie said while explaining it to me) quite a challenge. I set up in the dining room with my laptop and all necessary equipment. I had no plan of how am I going to persuade 8-18 year old children to dedicate their time. As always best solution is to think and act on the spot and have no “optimal formula”, but try to keep personal approach and patience. Step by step. After few mornings, some running, some discussions and persuasion I am done with most of it. Fortunately.

First rain fell down this week, dry season has officially ended. That wouldn’t be that much of an event if it wasn’t for the small hole in the roof of my building and lack of ceiling above my head. Water is pouring slowly through it, into the cup I putted on the floor measuring time in its natural rhythm. I’m getting used to this place now, even the role I’m given, which wasn’t that intuitional in the first instance. I learn to take more and more responsibility, while still remaining a human being. It’s not as easy to balance as one may think, but I came here to learn, so all changes are welcome.IMG_1632


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