Aflatoun Training in Banda Aceh

This week, we hosted an Aflatoun training workshop for our teachers! Aflatoun is an international organization that teaches children about financial responsibility. They have a training program for volunteer teachers, so that they can become certified to teach the Aflatoun courses. The program was hosted by the very charismatic Maufiq, a teacher from Medan who traveled all the way to Aceh to deliver the course.
Our volunteer teachers absolutely loved it! The course generally consisted of the kinds of games a teacher can play with students to teach them about financial responsibility. While the games were fun and sometimes silly, they all had a bigger message that was quite impactful. At the end of the weekend, everyone was very excited to begin teaching these classes to our students here at IHF Banda Aceh! Aflatoun will send us lesson planning books in the next month, at which point we can begin hosting these classes. We are very excited and look forward to facilitating the workshops!
And a big congratulations to Maufiq, who informed us that shortly before arriving he became a father! We wish you, your wife and your new baby girl all the happiness in the world!
Emily – Banda Aceh Co-Director
Right and responsibility, cause and effect, action and consequence, reward and sacrifice – common lessons of every home and every culture, and also commonly attached to negative emotions like guilt and fear. In reality though, these things are all a part of a shared vision for a society where everyone is free to live a safe, happy, and productive life. Understanding and confidence in the business model is a natural extension of this – showing that an individual or team’s efforts and initiatives can create value, and will be rewarded, even if barriers must be overcome. I was very excited to see a program that gives this message in such a fun and positive way. I could see through all the laughs and smiles that our teachers felt the same way. I can’t wait to see how the flavor of their personalities will spice this powerful program.
Dustin – Banda Aceh Co-Director

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