Art Workshop in Medan Center

In the center we decided to hold an art workshop last Friday. As I love crafts, it wasn’t difficult for me to find the idea of ​​the project. When it was announced to the children, they got very excited. The preparatory process of the project was very pleasant. I got the necessary materials such as shells, cartons, glue, colors and painting brushes. With the help of the co-directors, I cut branches from bamboo trees that are in the yard of the center and I prepared the classroom.

Children were on time and they were very excited during the art class. They concentrated on their work well. It seems that they like art and craft classes a lot, even if some of them had never worked on something similar before. They painted their art sheets with many colors. Then they pasted the shells and bamboo sticks, forming small boats, butterflies and trees. After that, they painted they shells as they wanted. Finally, we cleaned up the place, and hung the art projects around classroom.

We really had a great time and we would definitely do it again!

by Evgenia Work Study Volunteer



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