Farming is cheaper than the gym!

by Julie, Executive Director, IHF Kenya

After spending several mornings crouched over the Sweet Potatoes I’m starting to feel the ‘benefits’ of a good workout.  I guess it is somewhat cheaper than going to the gym. That said, I am so happy with the progress on the farm, which is my favourite experiment in the centre.  Having farmed in Nigeria many years ago I’ve had to adapt quite a lot to the different climate and elevation conditions.  We are diversifying this year into different varieties of bean but also adding carrots, bunch onions and tomatoes. working on the farmrains on the farm

There is always so much to do here. We need more volunteers (hint)! The painting project is going well but is so slow as we have four big buildings to do inside and out. The rains are very welcome for the farm but tend to hamper our progress in paintiPaintingng outside.  We’ve got a big list of improvements to do for the end of July which are the final recommendations for renewing our registration as a children’s home for the Kenyan government so it’ll be all hands to the work for the next few weeks.

I have to say, having been at IHF for over 2.5 years I’ve never had a dull moment!


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