Different Country: Different Kids

By Clara, Work-Study, IHF Bali

In my first week with IHF in their Bali center, I could notice a stark difference between the children h2015-05-18 14.59.28ere and the children back at home in Canada.

Here, the children are content with making the best of the resources around them – be it by swimming in the ocean or by playing games with their friends. Where I am from, many children do not even go outside to play anymore and are engrossed in playing by themselves on electronic devices instead.

Stress does not seem to find its way into the children here either. They seem to know that as long as they keep coming to class and keep working hard, they will land onĀ their feet.

It is refreshing and heartwarming to see how the children here find so much happiness in the world, with the little they have.

2015-05-18 15.18.172015-05-18 15.16.10


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