Warming up for Pass it On at IHF Medan!

by Sahat, Co-Director, IHF Medan

These two weeks are going to be very busy at the center due to final exams and celebrating Pass it on Ceremony. Lots of activities have been done in the process of learning that we usually do, as the regular classes we have of all the levels. Since we will have Pass it on Ceremony after completing final exams, all the teachers and co-directors have been trying to organize for some activities and programs that we will  present to the performance for the Pass it on Ceremony. Students and teachers are encouraged to get take part in the activites, such as dancing, singing, games, reading aloud of poetry and others. At the moment, they had been trying to train and practice for the dancing (Tor-Tor Dance Batak). Everybody, especially teachers, took part with a few of students.Please EDIT this picturE (2)

We want to make the Pass it on Ceremony full of great moments, especially when they get their certificates and prizes based on their achievement in class. We also provide a special prize for the winners of each class. The purpose of giving the prize is to motivate and encourage the students to be better than they can do for the next semester. After a long semester, a few schools will have holiday for the fasting month. That means we will organize more for the students’ activities at the center. We should never stop learning.Please EDIT this picture


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