How to create a basket with only a plastic bag? Crochet!

By Barbara, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

Before coming to Indonesia, a lot of people told me about the big trash problem in Bali. Since I’m concerned with this environmental issue, I wanted to organize a handcrafting workshop using IMG_4193recycled materials for the kids. The workshop was one of the special projects the center plans for the kids every week.

To prepare for the workshop, I took the kids to the beach to collect trashed plastic bags as workshop material. It is unbearable to watch this magnificent landscape become stained with human waste. The kids were excited and made a game out of searching for the more colorful ones. I believe that learning the importance of recycling is one of the most important lessons we must pass onto the next generation in order to preserve the environment and raise awareness about the local community problems.


After getting back from the beach, I gave the kids a sneak peak of what we were going to do in the workshop (crocheting objects like baskets or mats using recycled plastic bags).

During the demonstration, a little girl asked me if she could try to do it by herself and I was amazed by how quickly she picked it up. Balinese people, especially children, are particularly gifted in hand crafting, I think this is because they help their parents make the offerings for the ceremonies since they were little. In my opinion, the skill is definitely worthy of preserving, especially in a world where intriguing skills like this are being forgotten and lost.



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