The welcoming atmosphere of IHF Jakarta

by Heidi, Work Study, IHF Jakarta

My first week at the IHF Jakarta education centre is complete, but instead it feels like I’ve been here a month. I came from a study abroad semester in Singapore, hIMG_1134[1]aving submitted my last papers a few days before, with no expectations about the centre. I was pleasantly surprised. What struck me about the centre is its welcoming atmosphere: the kids feel completely at home and hang around for a long time after class, playing and chatting. It’s also so pretty! I love the way the walls are decorated.

The week’s highlights included bonding with Ayu, one of the centre’s resident young people whilst helping her make chocolate jelly. I also loved sitting in on the classes given by one of our Co-directors, Christina, to the youngest children, who are incredibly cute. Whilst I’m enjoying my Sunday – it’s a well-earned rest, I can’t wait for next week to start and for me to really find my feet teaching.



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