Thanks for your help Evgenia!

by Sahat, Co-Director, IHF Medan

This week, our work-study Evgenia from Greece just finished a volunteer in our Medan center. We had a lot of wonderful moments and great experience during her time in the center. She was charming and a wonderful teacher as the students like her very much. She taught English SD 2 and made some extra activities for students such as workshop and painting art class. She is an expert of teaching as being a teacher is her field. It can be seen when she taught SD2, the students were very glad and felt happy because she was very attractive and was successful to get attention from the students.11141347_828022287267576_6948574038281357209_n

Last week was the last time with her at our center. We had a nice class with some students on Friday. She shared a Greek story to be read in the class then the students tried to draw the pictures of each characters from that story. She also make a great video of her workshop about art class. That was very fun and amazing for the kids.

We hope that all volunteers in the future can give a high contribution as what Evgenia did in our center. We are all together maintaining the function of our center to be better.11136280_828020637267741_4634753106261220671_o


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