Donation Boxes,Cards, Bookmarks and Launch Party at IHF Chiang Rai Center

by Xiaowei, Voluntourist, IHF Chiang Rai

This is the first week I spent in IHF Chiang Rai Centre and it must be the most impressive and exciting time I have ever experienced. There are three things that I want to share with you here about the Chiang Rai centre: donation boxes, cards and bookmarks, and the launch party for donation.

Firstly, the donation boxes serve two purposes: one is for the launch party, and the other is for long-term collection of donations in shops to collect donation from people. What makes me impressed is that I felt deeply the strength of cooperation. We four volunteers did the work together and changed our ideas during the procedure to achieve the best scheme. It wthaias extremely surprising that we finished our work in such a short time of about 6 hours. We made three glass donation boxes and three plastic donation boxes. We tried our best to make them look attractive to potential donors.

In addition, we decided to make some cards and bookmarks which can be put near the donation boxes to sell. We all tried to use our minds to make them more attractive. The result is satisfactory to some extent and I’m so happy to see the finished products.

What I want to share at last and is the most impressive is the launch party for donations on Tuesday. Actually, this is my first party since I’ve been here. The party began atthai2 7:00 pm and the guests who are our co-director’s friends arrived in succession. We chatted with each other and ate some snacks for a while. After that, some musicians came at 9:15 and the songs they played were so wonderful that everyone present was enchanted. They left at about 10:30 and after that we talked about promoting the donation party. It was such an unforgettable night!

Apart from these, I have learnt a lot here. Before I came to the centre, I often went to the supermarket directly when I needed something necessary. However, in the centre, because of limitations and lack of the funds, we need to recycle as much as possible. We tried our best to use the waste bottles and cardboard from boxes to make donation boxes, cards and bookmarks.

Besides that, I have also learned to be appreciative. Hope I will do more things for the centre in the coming two weeks!



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