The school year ends and we Pass it On!

by Viivi & Topias, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

Last Saturday, we had many happy faces at our center in Buitan. It was time to give certificates to students for their hard work throughout the whole semester.

Before the formalities, it was time to play at the beach. FoIMG_0125ur teams competed in various games such as water balloon catch, broken telephone and leaking cup relay. Games that included water brought some coolness in the hot weather. The kids had a fun time!

After the games, it was time to give certificates to all students who finished their final exams during the last week of semester. The top 3 of every class were given little prizes to bring home.

With brand new certificates in hand, students got some snacks and lemonade. What a great way to end the school year! The center is already focusing on next semester which starts next week.  DSC_0035 (640x427)

by Sahat, Co-Director, IHF Medan

On Saturday, we had the Pass It On Ceremony where all the children and their families come to the center to celebrate their achievement in finishing their final exams and they were very happy and had a big curiosity to know their grade because those who did the best score in the exams would get certificate as well as the special prizes.

There were many kinds of activities and performances that the students presented in that moment such as sang a song, dance performance, reading a poetry, Cinderella performance, game “Tail the Donkey”. We also provided cake to eat togGiving certificate and prizes
ether also that everyone could even brought their own from at home. We ate at the last, and it was very fun and everyone enjoyed it.
First, we informed the winners of each classes and gave prizes to all the children who are the best of each classes. It was included for the first rank until the third rank in every subjects. We continued to show a Tor-Tor dance performance from some children. The dance is so familiar to Batak tribe and also the song. They also wore a special traditional clothe that is Ulos.

Sabina was the first rank from SD 4, she was so proudly to present a poetry reading entitled “DOA UNTUK IBU”. She was so very good in presenting it and full of energetic because she is the best from her class.Singing LET IT GO

We also had a game “Tail the Donkey”. This game was very interesting with two players and they had to close their eyes with something. The players tried to place to pin their donkey tail on the end of the donkey. The winner was the player placed their tail closest to the correct spot on the donkey.

Recently, we had a great performance of a Cinderella story during our Pass It On Ceremony 2015 at Medan center. This performance was made by students from the senior grade and they had pTail the Donkeyracticed many times to make it better for the show time. The students were very happy and fun because they can express themselves to play characters based on the all Cinderella players.

At first, they had some struggles warming up for the Pass it Ceremony, but they never give up because they always support each other and try to be the best they can be. But finally they can give their best. It was fun.

Tor-Tor Dance 1Tor-Tor Dance 2

Shangrong and Zhening, Voluntourist, IHF Jakarta

This is our first week here, and we were lucky to experience the Pass It One ceremony. The children were looking forward to it after taking several exams. We started to decorate our center with colorful balloons in the morning. Other staff were busy preparing various food which was traditional cakes and we were curious about them.

Around one o’clock, the children began to show up, then the ceremony started. Those who preformed well in their studies were given certificates by their teachers and also took photos with them. After this, the games began. There are four games provided, one of them was eating peanuts with chopsticks, during which these children performed pretty well and amazed us. The house was full of laugh and after the games we had a big treat while sharing food with each other. Everyone was happy and we will never forget it.IMG_2504


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