New incorporations to IHF Jakarta

by Louise, Voluntourist, IHF Jakarta

It is my great pleasure to be given the chance of being a volunteer at the Jakarta center. In the first week of our stay here, we adapted ourselves into this new environment with the warm welcome of the staff and children. Before we started to teach children by ourselves, we participated in other staff’s lessons to learn the teaching process. We have delivered some English lessons to younger children. Even though the knowledge we delivered was basic, we made efforts to prepare fIMG_3191or the class. The children here cooperated with us. They are pretty cute and they like to play games with us. The most delightful thing to me was that the children were pleased to get our gifts for them! Apart from English lessons, we also delivered a Chinese culture class last Wednesday. On that day, around fifteen students showed up in our class. We introduced the Forbidden City and our traditional food with pictures and stories. Some younger children could not understand us, so other elder children helped us translate. After that, we played a traditional Chinese game. The children who were punished cooperated to sing songs and answer questions in English. That night, everyone enjoyed their time.With the experience gained from the first week, we will do better in the second week!

by Lulu, Voluntourist, IHF Jakarta

I am glad that I have the chaIMG_3213nce to go to Jakarta to meet these lovely children and these kind people. The local people and co-directors were very nice and they helped us prepare for our lessons in the past week. Some of the children were too shy to speak, others were active and could understand what we talked about. I was happy and excited when we could participate in other staff’s lessons and could deliver several lessons by ourselves. They tried to cooperate with us and made efforts to learn new knowledge. We taught a Chinese culture class on Wednesday, talking about the Forbidden City and traditional Chinese food. And at the end of this class, we played a game with the children. It was really interesting to encourage them to sing a song and to watch them play together. Apart from teaching, we learned the local culture and tried hard to speak some Indonesia words. It was really difficult for us.20150617_170721


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