Co-Director reunion in Medan

by Sahat, Co-Director, IHF Medan

Last month, IHF Medan center received some visitors from the co-directors from the Aceh center, Emily and Nazma, as well as a co-director from the Jakarta center, Vladimir. We gathered together to talk and share with each other to build up the relationship among the volunteers. It was Vladimir’s and Nazma’s first times visiting Medan City while Emily has been here several times. It was very worthy for us to meet and greet others from different centers. Since we only know each other through working on email, it was very interesting for all of us because we could meet face-to-face, compare notes and learn from the experiences of every center. We believe that through conversations, we can support and learn something from others’ experiences, especially from those who have the most experience as co-directors.10005838_841756979227440_6307047107481035568_o

As a new volunteer at IHF Medan Center, it was very helpful for me too. I can pick up a lot and take a lot of notes from their experiences, not to mention the experiences of Aditi and Lissa, who have been a very great help to me since I joined the Medan center. They give a big influence to the running of the center. We have a big hope to improve the center, and the children as well.


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