Playing photographers at IHF Nakuru Center

by Marina and Isaias, Voluntourist, IHF Nakuru

We are Marina and Isaias, and we are from Tarragona, Spain. Marina is a pre-primary teacher, and Isaias is a psychologist and a photographer. We wanted to live this experience as an immersive project. And for the moment, it is. Every day we have been in contact with the people, the culture, the ways of live, the educatio_MG_4975n… and of course, the children of the center. We were told that they would be very excited and happy to see us, and it was like this. They are very funny, open-minded and always ready to gain knowledge. Their curiosity allowed us to reach long and interesting conversations. The IHF collaborators have helped us a lot, even regarding the working style in the center and the interesting places at Nakuru. We appreciate this a lot. In this center there is a lot of work to do: painting, feeding the animals, take care of the farm, cooking… And we are trying to help as much as we can. In this first week, we have seen big groups of flamingos, lakes with geysers, falls about 30 meters or more, the life in the center, the contrast between the center and the suburbs, the taste of goat, we’ve been in a matatu with 23 people (instead of 15), the flora and fauna, the typical games and songs from the children, a nursery school, the changing weather, the “mazungu” (white people) prices, people’s homes, pubs…

In these two weeks we have more experiences and things to explain than in one year in our country.
In this week we feel more comfortable. Our relation with the kids is more solid: they have come with us everywhere, Isaias has taught them about photography, Marina has played games with the girls, we have seen together the Master Chef program from Spain…, it was funny to hear things like “I don’t want this guy to win” or “bah, it’s a bad cooker…”, really we had a lot of fun.
During this week we couldn’t stop thinking about the day when we will leave the center, it’s sad, because we lived too many things. Now when we are writing this, we are thinking that in a few hours we will be too far from our new friends… Not only with the kids, also with the other directors and volunteers of the center… You can always say “oh yes we will be in contact, here you have our facebook/mail/whatever…” but if we want or not, it’s time to say goodbye.CAM02429-1
For the children of the center we organized a special project that involves teaching, psychology and photography: the kids had to learn the emotions, identified the most important ones and, through the photography, try to express them. They were the photographers, and with the help of Tumaini and other people from Spain we could recollect some digital cameras for them. Of course, they were very excited, it’s early to take conclusions of this project, but one of the things that surprised us was their way to express the emotions thanks to other people, I mean, sometimes when we asked them “tell us the emotions that you wanted to represent in this photo” their answer was: “It’s happiness, because the child that I take the photo probably is the first time that sees another children with a camera, for that reason he is happy, so I’m also”. We were impressed.
It’s time to say goodbye while we surprised some pigs are trying to eat our maize. For whoever is reading this: try to live one experience like this, even at the beginning is difficult, one day you will adapt yourself and then the experiences just flows. Thanks for reading us.foto sol ballant


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