A wonderful week at IHF Jakarta Center: Buka Bersama, lessons, visiting the city and delicious food!

by Dolores, Voluntourist, IHF Jakarta

After a long trip, I arrived at the IHF center in Jakarta on 30th June. There was a cute cat sleeping on the chair and a beautiful yard in the IHF center. A grj0oup of friendly people took me to a beautiful café, and treated me to ice-cream. They told me a lot about the volunteering life and about Jakarta, and we had a wonderful talk.

In IHF, I tasted all kinds of delicious food. In the morning, Ayu, a friendly girl, bought delicious breakfast for us, such as traditional Indonesian food and porridge. Every day, we had an exceedingly good lunch, and the lunches were always different. Occasionally, we would go out to eat barbecued food at night. After meals, we played lots of interesting games, such as scrabble, monopoly and poker.

In the first week, we observed how lessons were taught, and learnt how to teach kids. And I got along well with these cute kids. On Saturday, we distributed leaflets in another nearby community with Ade. And on Saturday night, there was a big special dinner (Buka Bersama) at the IHF center to celebrate Ramadan. Every one ate dinner together and played games. The life of a volunteer is so wonderful!


Sundays are our day off, and on that day, we went to the city cej22nter of Jakarta and saw some magnificent buildings, such as Monas, the Mosque and a church. Then, we went to Grand Indonesia Mall and stayed at a fancy café called Magnum café, where we enjoyed a delicious dessert.

In a word, I had a wonderful week in IHF and in Jakarta!(*^__^*)



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