The importance of creativity: Body Painting at IHF Bali

by Laia & Judit, Voluntourist, IHF Bali
This is the first week that we have spent in IHF Bali, and our first voluntourist experience. Until now it has been such an amazing experience and we have done a lot of things with the children and the other volunteers.

The first day that we arrived here, we had Bingo Night. It was so fun! We did it to P1060264 (640x480)fundraise some money for the center. It was great because we could spend time with the other volunteers and get to know them more. At Bingo Night we sold also some T-shirts and postcards, and the people who came were so generous and kind.

At 12 o’clock on Saturday we started our special project: face painting day. This consisted of a creative and fun activity where the children could paint their face or other parts of their body. At first we started painting the face of the children, but then they said that they also wanted to paint other parts of their body. So we started to paint their hands, arms, feet, and more!



It was a really good activity that exercised the creativity of the children because they started to paint some beautiful paintings for the teachers: flowers, crocodiles, butterflies…


P1060254 (640x480)

We are so happy because the activity was so exciting for the children and it gave us the opportunity to spend time together and even learn some words in Indonesian.

We hope we’ll have more opportunities to share different moments like this during our stay at the IHF Center.

facepainting (2)


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